Club History

Club History

The history of Maccabi Rugby Club goes back to 1969, when a club for Jewish players was founded in Sydney under the name ‘Ilan’.   

After rebranding as Maccabi, the club won sub-district Premierships in 1973 and 1977, but sadly folded in the late 1980s and would not return until 2006.   

Since 2006, the club has fielded at least one team in the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, including a Meldrum Cup Premiership in 2009 and regular finals appearances since then.   

Players from the club have also formed the backbone of Australia’s Maccabiah Games teams during that period, including a gold medal in 2009 and silver in 2013.   

Maccabi Rugby Club is a community-oriented club which aims to positively represent the Jewish community and provide an avenue for Jewish men to enjoy the camaraderie and self-actualisation provided by contact sports in a safe environment.  

We strive for excellence on the field and raucous, but responsible, fun. We pride ourselves on our ability to improve our members, both as rugby players and human beings, regardless of their previous experience or background.